A Society and Tech Podcast Review

These notable podcasts create a platform for conversations about technology and its effect on our world. Listen to a selected episode offline while traveling!

Podcast App: Overcast

Note to Self Hosted by Manoush Zomorodi

Revealing Selfies. Not Like That.

  • How Selfies are jam packed with personal data that is easily accessible to almost anyone

The Man Who Invented Facebook Ad Tracking is not Sorry

  • A discussion of Facebook’s fake news, online community building, and moral responsibility

A16z – Hosted by Andreessen Horowitz

From Hidden Figure to Sonic BOOM

  • NASA’s aerospace engineer, Dr. Christine Darden, shares wisdom during this interview

Brain, Bodies, Minds..and Techno-Religions

  • Ideas are formed while reflecting on history and considering algorithms that know humans better than themselves

Exponent – Hosted by Ben Thompson and James Allworth

111 – Lamentation Not Condemnation

  • A few theories for Facebook’s success and why Twitter lagged behind

101 – TV is the Oak Tree

  • Why did some media mediums outperform others during the internet revolution? Check it out.

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