My Story


  • I was the kid that read during playtime, exploring multiple lives with the flip of a page.
  • After discovering youtube in middle school, my first video hit over 70,000 views (Contact me to see it! It’s kind of silly).
  • A passion for languages brought me to Finland, Ireland, and acclimating International Students at Rutgers University.
  • I have a pattern of diving deep into a subject and optimizing that aspect. I love seeing ideas grow by learning and doing.


  • As a Human Resource Management major, I learned to dive deep into solving problems for the heart of an organization, their people.
  • My internships introduced me into operations and financial functions, and I’ve become intrigued in seeing how allocating assets can drive business goals.


  • In 2011 I was runner-up to Neiman Marcus’ Passion For Fashion, where I designed an ad to showcase their winter merchandise.
  • As an Art History and design lover, design has always played a part in my life, whether designing a better way to teach students or generating content.